Thinking at the intersection of Jesus Christ, a biblical worldview, and real life. - Dr. Marc Day

Central Passage
Luke 3.7-20

Central Passage
Luke 2.1-20

Central Passage
Luke 1.26-38

God's overwhelming love 

Central Passage
Luke 1.5-25

The History of Jesus

Luke's Thorough Investigation - Central Passage
Luke 1.1-5

Trusting the Bible

Central Passage
2 Timothy 3.16-17

Worship Renewal, Part 6

Spiritual warfare  Ephesians 6:10-18

Worship Renewal, Part 5

The Role of Music, Music Team & Congregation

Worship Renewal - Part 4

Grace Given...Benefits of Corporate Worship (Romans 12.1-2)

Worship Renewal - Part 3

Worship Renewal in churches - Third part

Central Passage Romans 12.1-2


Worship Renewal, Part 2

Worship Renewal in churches - second part

Worship Renewal - Part1

Worship Renewal in churches

Return of the King- Rev 18

God's final call for his people to "come out" of the sensuous excesses of commercial Babylon, before His final judgment falls.

Misplaced allegiances lead to increasingly hardened hearts - Pastor Marc Day

A critical spirit can be toxic. The good news is that there are practical steps we can take to overcome this common problem.

Social Issues: Worship

How should we engage with social issues of our day? Remembering our purpose in life is the right place to start.

What To Do With Jesus?

What will you do with Jesus? Christmas is a reminder that we all get to answer that question.

Trust the Bible?

Are there good reasons to trust the truth claims found in the Bible? We think about eleven reasons in this episode.

Biblical Belief

Belief, as the word is used in the New Testament, includes life-action. 

A Loose Grip on the World

Jesus wants us to have a loose grip on the things of the world so that we might have a firm grip on Him.